Sunday, May 8, 2011

love you mom :)

morning ollss...
tak pernah2 kan aku update time coti2 gini...

btw, hari ni special sangat bagi mak aku, mak kau, nenek aku, nenek kau, 
akak aku, akak kau, makcik aku, makcik kau, 
adik aku, adik kau...
pendek citer, whoever person yang bergelar mother...

for me, it was a 2nd year for me to celebrate it as a mother...
and i really2 apprecite it..

so apa plan korang? 
aku may be celebrate it without my mom because she's on her way to kpg..
once again, 
love u so much..
and a billion thnx for supportng me all the time..

**yg sedang berdiri kat sebelah kiri tu lah mak aku**

and also to my mom in law...
thank you so much for being such a good mother in law for me..

**of cause lah yg pakai tudung MIL aku..takkan yg lelaki tu puleks..hehe**

love BOTH OF U so much.. <3 <3 <3

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